MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system

With the MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system, we set entirely new standards for efficiency and functionality. MOVIGEAR® combines motor, gear unit, and corresponding drive electronics in one system.

An efficient all-in-one solution comprising motor, gear unit, and drive electronics

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system
Mechatronic drive solution with maximum system efficiency
Mechatronic drive solution with maximum system efficiency

The MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system is designed for flexible use across various communication infrastructures. This makes it ideal for decentralized applications in the field. With its compact design and optimal integration of components with permanent-field synchronous motor, gear unit, and integrated electronics, MOVIGEAR® is especially tailored for efficient use in the general materials handling sector.

You too can benefit from MOVIGEAR®, which is available in two sizes and three electrical performance classes for a total of four communication variants.

With MOVIGEAR® , you can achieve energy savings of up to 50% for your system. This is made possible by the seamless interplay between the IE4 efficiency class motor, efficient gear unit, and integrated electronics. Perfectly matched components and the energy optimization of the overall system facilitate high system efficiency. These features make the MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive solution a cost-effective, power-optimized complete solution.

This particularly applies if reliability, long service life, and high system availability are your top priority. Thanks to their design-related advantages, MOVIGEAR® drives are both an integral part of numerous MAXOLUTION® system solutions and are also widely used for applications in stationary materials handling technology. Its practical flexibility and high efficiency make MOVIGEAR® a forward-looking solution – experience its exceptional performance for yourself!

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Your benefits

  • Benefit from energy-saving potential

    High system efficiency ensures that up to 50% less energy is used compared to conventional drive systems
  • Less variants

    Thanks to the speed setting range with constant, continuous torque and high overload torque, one variant can be used for multiple tasks
  • Simplified infrastructure

    Combining power and communication in one cable minimizes installation costs and risk of error
  • Less installation space needed

    Complete component integration and compact design reduce the installation space required without compromising on performance
  • Build cost efficiency into planning

    Storage costs for spare parts and overall operating costs are reduced thanks to the specific features and benefits of the product


The standard version of MOVIGEAR® conforms to hygienic design guidelines and its specific features ensure that it is suitable for use in clean rooms:

  • Certified for use in clean rooms with air cleanliness class 2 in accordance with ISO 14644-1
  • Completely enclosed, smooth overall design
  • No fan, thus no air, dirt, or particle swirls

Version for use in wet areas

For specific requirements in wet area applications, we offer a version of MOVIGEAR® that is specially designed for wet areas.

This package also provides the features required for use in areas with high levels of mechanical and chemical resistance or cleaning agents:

  • Degree of protection IP66
  • HP200 surface treatment with an almost non-porous surface provides excellent anti-stick properties as well as chemical and mechanical resistance
  • All external screws, breather valves, pressure compensation screw fittings, and output shafts made of stainless steel

Decentralized processing of sensor and actuator signals

Thanks to its GIO12 and GIO13 application options, MOVIGEAR® allows various sensor and actuator signals to be directly read and processed in close proximity to the drive. These options are available for all SNI and DSC units:

GIO12B application option

  • Control of up to 2 digital actuators
  • Processing of up to 4 digital sensors

GIO13B application option

  • 1 digital output
  • 4 digital inputs (of which 2 can be used as primary frequency inputs)
  • 1 analog output
  • 1 analog input

Installation topologies

  • Drive variants for performing basic functions
  • No PC needed for startup
  • Control via binary inputs allows:

MOVIGEAR® DAC-B for integration into AS-Interface networks

  • Basic fieldbus interface
  • Rapid, cost-efficient implementation of materials handling systems
  • Configurable fixed speeds and ramps
  • Integrated STO safety function

Range of applications

The MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system can be used in various branches of the logistics sector, such as in

  • Intralogistics
  • Airport logistics
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Automotive industry

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