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  • Energy saving solution – bottle conveyor

    Bottle conveyor

    Energy savings in the beverage industry

Energy saving potential = up to 50%

The effiDRIVE® solution with MOVIGEAR® saves a total of € 35,700 € after only 5 years of operation!

Your benefits from using MOVIGEAR®

Compact component, high overall efficiency, highest energy efficiency class

MOVIGEAR® combines motor, gear unit and electronics in a single component. A permanent-field synchronous motor IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency, according to IEC 60034-30-1) lets you achieve the highest motor efficiency level. You can further increase the efficiency by using an efficiency-optimized, helical gear unit as well as innovative electronic components and an adjusted control mode. What’s more, you will increase the overall system efficiency by 10% to 25% compared to conventional solutions.

Energy-efficient design of options

Using the dynamic deceleration function DynaStop® means that no energy is needed to release the mechanical brake. This allows you to save 5% on motor power.

Dimensioning in line with demand

MOVIGEAR® allows for dimensioning in line with demand, with high overload capacity. The result is lower installed system power and maximum overall efficiency.

Special product features for the food and beverage industry

The smooth surface of MOVIGEAR® prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes cleaning the system easier. Surface cooling means that additional fans and blowers are a thing of the past. Consequently, dirt cannot adhere to the system and no bacteria or germs are distributed by air turbulence. The mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR® complies with hygienic design guidelines. Call us. Our experts are happy to advise you.

Measurable success of the effiDRIVE® efficiency solution

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Comparison between Standard version effiDRIVE® solution
Components 105 helical-worm gearmotors with standard motors and standard frequency inverters in the control cabinet Mechatronic drive system
MOVIGEAR® SNI with 105
MOVIGEAR® drive units
Investment 94% 100%
Energy costs/year* € 44,150 € 34,500
Energy consumption 128% 100%
Amortization time   1.3 years
CO2savings per year   65 metric tons
  1. *Calculation based on: 3,500 operating hours/year x €0.10€/kWh x system power
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